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From: Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro
Date: Thursday, 8:00 AM

You've been lied to! You thought that all you had to do was setup a web page: find the perfect design, optin form, order button, blog theme... follow your passion, throw a few web pages online... and those customers and prospects would roll in...

Unfortunately, the saying "if you build it, they will come"...
is a myth on the internet today.

The reality is that the internet is crowded. In order to get any eyeballs on your web page (comments, sales, optins, orders, views)...


The Problem With Free Traffic...

Sites like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing will list you on their web pages for free -- it's called search engine optimization.

That means if you're lucky, you "might" write a blog post or two and the Google Gods might decide to place that one web page (out of millions for your target keyphrase) on page 20, 200, 2000, anyplace they like.

THEN you might have heard that you need to...

  • "blog every day, or even several times per day?"
  • "publish several articles?"
  • "buy backlinks?"
  • "pay for even more content and spun articles?"

... All just to get a handful of clicks from freebie seekers coming to your website.

There's nothing wrong with so-called "FREE TRAFFIC" (articles, forums, search engine optimization) other than the fact that it's SLOW... and it's not realy FREE. You have to either sacrifice your time or pay someone else to create content for you.

Instead of trying to game the system and hit a moving target that changes every couple of months (I'm talking about Penguin 3.0, Panda Version 24, Google Slaps, Amazon Slaps) -- the biggest sites on the internet want you to pay them a small amount of money to get listed... this is called PAID TRAFFIC!

I'm not sure if you've tried paid traffic in the past, but you might have heard of the following ad sources:

  • AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Solo ads
  • Facebook ads

I know that when first heard of these sites, I thought, "Great! I'll make 10 sales a day from Google, 10 from Bing, 10 from LinkedIn"... and so on...

What Happens 9 Times out of 10
With Paid Traffic

These sites are EXPENSIVE especially if you don't know what you're doing... and here's what usually happens...

  1. You sign up for one of these ad networks and try to figure out the confusing interface
  2. You manage to set something up and wait for approval
  3. Finally, you setup and target a few super-targeted ads and wait for the traffic and sales to come in...
  4. You wait longer and longer...
  5. Still waiting...
  6. You get impatient and TURN ON THE FIREHOSE and create a mass-market ad that shows to every user
  7. BOOM! A flood of UNTARGETED traffic but no sales
  8. You usually end up paying $2 per click back to your site (and losing money)

FREE TRAFFIC was that it was slow and time consuming. Now the problem with PAID TRAFFIC is that you have to choose between a TRICKLE of TARGETED TRAFFIC, or a FLOOD of UNTARGETED TRAFFIC.

In Other Words...
Google, Bing, LinkedIn, And Facebook
Are The Only Ones Making Real Money...

When it comes down to it, they all want you to pay about $2 per click back to your website, which is an INSANE amount of money to spend unless you're Coca-Cola or Procter & Gamble...

Here's what I mean. Let's you have to pay Google 2 dollars just to have one person look at your site. (Keeping in mind that most visitors will be gone in SECONDS!)...

  • You pay $2 per click
  • You sell a $7 product on that site
  • The sales letter converts at 10%
  • You end up paying $20 just to earn $7 back

This is the way it always happens. Google wants you to promote a blog (so most of your traffic clicks away immediately), LinkedIn has a minimum bid of about $2.00, and even alternative traffic methods such as solo ads send a big chunk of junk traffic...

That means you "think" you're paying 30 cents per click... but you're really paying for 80% junk traffic and 20% for legitimiate traffic. You're not going to make your money back!

I went through the same frustrations as you did until I discovered not only the hidden power of Facebook advertising, but how to use it properly!

Why Facebook Is The
Best Possible Place To Get
Free & Paid Traffic

I didn't get it at first. I couldn't make money from Google AdWords, so why would Facebook Ads be any better? A couple of reasons...

  • People are on Facebook all day, every day
  • Your ads can follow people around again and again
  • You can super-target based on their interests, location, hobbies, age, gender, and connections
  • Your ads stop showing for people after they've bought
  • The best part: it's the cheapest source of traffic if you do it right

There's just no comparison... advertise on sites like Google and Bing, and if people don't click on your ad, you'll never see them again because they've left the site.

Even if someone doesn't click on your Facebook ad right away (or you bid so low that the ad only shows once a day) -- that's fine because THEY'LL BE BACK ON FACEBOOK!

Just imagine that your ad showed to someone once a day for 7 days, you only paid (a few pennies) when they finally clicked over, and you made your sale.

In order to transform Facebook from a time-wasting site into a source of traffic and leads that cost you pennies and earn you dollars, you still need to:

  • Target a consistent hungry source of REAL BUYERS (easy to mess up on Facebook)
  • Build your list on Facebook (these are called "fans") that you can talk to over and over again
  • Match your audience with your offer (requires special software to do it right)
  • Tweak and optimize your ad campaigns to keep your costs down and fortify against your competition (easy as long as you have a system to do it)

The reality is: Facebook advertising is fast, cheap and effective, as long as you avoid the roadblocks and follow the correct steps to creating your fan page, setting up and testing ads, and then monetizing those fans on your page.

Here's What Doesn't Work With Facebook...

  • fake, paid-for likes (quick way to get banned)
  • fan gates (very low conversion rates)
  • iframes and SSL certificates (techy and confusing)
  • HTML5 apps (costs money to hire a programmer)
  • FB Connect (scary for your website visitors)

Most people who try to teach your Facebook make it so confusing, because they don't get themselves! What's more, they're focused on the latest and greatest "loophole of the week" and will spend 5 hours just to get 10 more likes on a page using a trick that stops working next week...

And you might have been confused and overwhelmed by all the various tools, apps, and plugins on the market to supercharge your Facebook advertising campaign.

Instead: how would you like to claim your access to a training course that shows you JUST the things you need, dedicated to getting your Facebook fan page online, making money, filled with traffic, and generating consistent sales?

Would you like to get all that SIMPLIFIED training all in one place AND bundled with the exact software you'll use to build that page in a hurry, in any niche you want?

Nothing like this has existed before on the internet, but I'm going to grant you access to what I think is the BEST Facebook money " traffic training on the internet, and I call it...

Setup a Fan Page 2.0:
Lead, Traffic & Income System

With "Setup a Fan Page 2.0" you'll have a fan page and get your Facebook traffic started TONIGHT. Using this exact system, I've setup a business that runs on its own and grows 86400 seconds per day, 1440 minutes per day, 24 hours a day...

"Setup a Fan Page 2.0" is different than any other form of Facebook advertising because it combines three things: split testing/tracking, audience super-targeting using software, and the hidden tools provided to you by Facebook (such as Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, and more).

On its own, Facebook is a powerful but CONFUSING
advertising platform with a long, hard, expensive learning curve...

But luckily, we've simplified it and can show you how literally anyone can go from having zero traffic to 1000 clicks or more in just a few hours...

Join "Setup a Fan Page 2.0" right now and you'll get...

Module 1:
Create Your Fan Page
Instant Access

The number 1 way you should be using Facebook traffic right now is to build a fan page. Using just your Facebook wall or timeline isn't enough... you're limited by the amount of reach you have.

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The only scalable way that makes sense is to build a Facebook fan page. You could build up a follwing of 1000, 5000, 10 thousand, 50 thousand target fans or more, and they're all in one place. Post there for free and you can talk to those "fans" all at once.

You've built a huge list of targeted subscribers on Facebook!

  • How to create the perfect fan page out of the gate that guarantees "likes" that come in naturally whether you advertise or not -- most people get this one step wrong, and are doomed to failure
  • Why at least 65% of Facebook fan pages are NAMED INCORRECTLY, and it's killing their traffic! (Use my simple technique to label your fan page instead)
  • The easiest ways to start making money from your fan page the first day you set it up
  • How to keep your visitors engaged and improve EdgeRank at the same time in less than 3 minutes per week

Module 2:
Generate Leads
Instant Access

Now that you have a fan page online, it's time to get traffic to it. Far too many people have setup a fan page only to get "stuck" at 2 likes. Or they've been at it for a year and still have less than 100 fans on their page... terrible!

What you need to do is plugin to Facebook's traffic source and get your first 1000 likes to that page in a hurry -- that way it can begin growing organically and you can start seeing results from your Facebook marketing efforts...

I've tried all the advertising techniques that work, and those that don't work.

I'm ready to reveal a proven system to you -- and you'll use it to gather as much highly targeted traffic as you want.

  • The exact way to create ads that generate likes -- it's a simple template that most advertisers completely miss
  • Discover the proven language and verbage you'll use in every single one of your ads
  • What images to use in your ads! The fact is, certain types of images get results and some don't, so stop guessing and use these ones
  • Stop literally throwing money away into Facebook advertising... I have a simple bidding strategy that will lower costs down to pennies and change the way you market online forever
  • Who and what to target in your ads (the answer will shock and surprise you)

Module 3:
Laser-Target Your Ads
Instant Access

I'm excited for you to get that initial surge of traffic and to adjust your campaign so that it's something that builds on its own every single day without you having to touch it.

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Just imagine... leads, clicks, visitors, prospects, and customers find their way to your site over and over -- this is how to make real money on the internet!

  • The simple $7 technique that I use on a regular basis to get 10 to 20 times as many views on my posts and ads
  • A simple (but extremely effective way) to uncover which ads and audiences are making money (and which aren't) using a basic advertising technique that most Facebook marketers never think to use
  • How to "chop up" your ad groups and cut your costs by 90% or more
  • How to create ad campaigns in bulk -- you can literally manage hundreds of different fan pages or thousands of ad campaigns in seconds
  • I'll even reveal how to make money with your buyers, unsubscribers, and inactive leads using Facebook -- this is brand new!

Module 4:
Hidden Facebook Traffic Funnels
Instant Access

You've got a Facebook fan page online, ads running and optimized, and now can turn up the juice and expand your Facebook reach using several ninja and secret tactics that only the BEST AND BRIGHEST Facebook marketers know and use.

All revealed to you, proven, tested, and ready to go!

  • How to target 10,000... 100,000... or even a million of people ready to buy from you specifically
  • Leverage other Facebook Pages for your own benefit
  • How to stop advertising to your customers after they've bought... and when you shouldn't!

Now you'll be able to show ads to the most active participants in your niche -- no more ads based on profile information or page likes, you can target people by the places they hang out.

  • Use our secret tool to target a brand new stream of people ready to pay you money
  • Tap into a secret database within Facebook of hungry prospects that you've never had access to before
  • Use this over and over again to continuously build your tribe and following every single week starting right now

Super Bonus 1:
Facebook Crash Course

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or complete newbie to Facebook, their interface changes almost monthly. I want to make sure that you're completely caught up and able to use Facebook not just for paid advertising, but for the additional free viral traffic that goes along with it.

Click Here to Join Right Now »

I want to make sure that you personally use Facebook to make money every time you use it, and that it only take you a few minutes -- you're in and out.

That's why I've created the Facebook Crash Course bonus training, the fastest and easiest way to get the hang of all the traffic opportunities presented to you by Facebook and its platform.

  • How to quickly setup your Facebook account, groups, and fan page -- even if you're only a "casual" FB user or have never even used it before
  • How to have complete control over who sees which posts (i.e. friends vs. family vs. business contacts) and how to even manage buyers and prospects on Facebook
  • Multiply your likes, comments, and friends using a few simple techniques
  • Get more people to attend your webinar, teleseminars, live events, product launches, book launches, and gatherings with a few basic tweaks
  • How to manage Facebook groups (and when you'll avoid them)
  • Customize, maintain and grow your Facebook fan page quickly & easily
  • How to setup fan pages for others (including local businesses)

Super Bonus 2:
Facebook Ad Checklist

Every time you create a Facebook ad campaign (for yourself or others), I want to make the process as easy as possible, which is why we've created a complete but simplified checklist that you can use over and over every time you setup a new fan page and use your Facebook traffic funnel.

  • How you should write and structure every single ad
  • How to tell ahead of time if a campaign will make (or lose) money
  • How to create ads that are already optimized and profitable out of the gate

The simple truth is that if you don't jump on Facebook advertising right now, you will get left behind by your competition and the rest of the internet -- since this is now the BEST way to get consistent, inexpensive, targeted traffic...

And even if you do use Facebook advertising (or plan to in the future) you need the "Setup a Fan Page 2.0" training and software to guide you through the process. Don't spend years on trial and error like I did, just apply my system anytime you want a brand new flood of traffic, clicks, and sales.

"Setup a Fan Page 2.0" Training: 4 Sessions
Module 1: Create Your Fan Page $497.00
Module 2: Generate Leads $497.00
Module 3: Laser-Target Your Ads $497.00
Module 4: Hidden Facebook Traffic Funnels $497.00
"Setup a Fan Page 2.0" Bonuses
Super Bonus 1: QA Recap Session Recording (avoid common pitfalls) $497.00
Super Bonus 2: Facebook Crash Course (1 hour quick start on Facebook) $497.00
Super Bonus 3: Facebook Ad Checklist (repeat over and over) $497.00
Included with "Setup a Fan Page 2.0"
Challenges: easy assignment after each session $997.00
Recordings: replay any lesson anytime $597.00
Transcripts: view or print anytime $497.00
Community: ability to ask questions or discuss with other members $997.00
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever $997.00
Total Real World Value Today:

That's right... $7,564.00 is a great value for everything we're offering you.

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P.S. Setup a Fan Page 2.0 is an online home study course. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the training videos in the next few minutes.